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HI! I'm Lucy!

MA, author, therapist, educator

"I believe that the power of sexuality can be transformed to a life force, that you can use in all areas of your life. It is my mission to help individuals make this transformation so that they can love freely, live passionately and make a change in the world." - Lucy Vittrup

For over 20 years she has helped leaders, individuals, television hosts on major television shows like X-Factor to tap into their life force and talent not only to impact sometimes millions of people but also live joyful meaningful lives.

Lucy is a published author and has shared her voice in hundreds of articles on love & sexuality with over a million readers.

Lucy recently married Soren, her soul's mirror, lover and companion with whom she has cried, laughed, quarreled and had fun with for years. It's her intention to continue doing so on her never ending quest for diving farther into the the riddles and labyrinths of romantic love and sexuality.

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"Lucy is an unique example of "practice what you preach". She is the original source of the strong power of erogy – uniting sex, heart and mind. She believes in courage as THE basic virtue and she has an unique ability to empower the people she works with to think big and act accordingly - personally and professionally. Easy to say – hard to do – for everybody but Lucy. "

Soren Schnedler
CEO, Gravity

"I experienced an amazing alliance with Lucy. She challenges, provokes, supports and guides, all along with precision and timing. Good coaching is art, I experience Lucy as a great artist."

J. Bjerregaard

"I learned a lot about myself. I discovered how angry I am always on myself and how I expressed it to the outside world. I have learned to handle my anger and accept if something does not succeed 100%. I also have learned to believe in myself. The belief in myself has caused me to sing more freely than before. I think about you often and you have been a very good support to me."

Hilda Heick

Online Programmes

Live Group Coaching (English)

From Powerless to Powerful 

Tap into your feminine power now!

Get trained by Lucy Vittrup, leading educator, love addiction & sexuality expert. 

This is your opportunity to receive high -level coaching. Gain the transformation and personal development tools needed to break free of toxic relationships to yourself and others, tap into the power of your feminine sexuality and get your power back like never before. Spots are limited.


On Line Course (Spanish)

¡Enamórate de tu espíritu y sexualidad!

- en este fín de semana!

Enamorate de tu espiritu y sexualidad es un curso de paso a paso que cualquier persona que lucha puede aplicar para liberarse de la dependencia emocional, conectarse con su alma y activar la fuerza vital de su sexualidad femenina.

Aquí aprendes prender y sanar tu poder femenino, para que ames a los demás sin perderte, para que te ríes más, para que descubras tu potencial oculto y te defiéndas como persona. Ante todo: Para que entras relaciones románticas sintiendo QUE MERECES SER AMADA Y AMAR.


Featured Books in Danish


Gør din seksualitet til din personlige styrke


Begrebet Erogi er en sammensmeltning af erotik og energi, og med den erfarne coach og   forfatter Lucy Vittrup lærer du at forløse din erotiske energi og blive et autentisk menneske.

Erogi er et potentiale, vi alle er født med, og vi får indsigt i, hvordan vores seksualitet kan blive en kraftfuld kilde til  personlig udvikling, større livsbalance og mere gennemslagskraft. Får vi først forløst denne livskraft, vil vi opleve, at vores liv udvikler sig med stormskridt.



Sådan taler du seksualitet med din teenager!

Seksualitet er kommet for at blive. Men ingen taler med teenagere om seksualitet til trods for, at verden bliver mere og mere eksplicit seksuel.

Her er manualen du ikke bør undlade at læse, hvis du interesserer dig for dine børns ve og vel på dette område.

Du får en enkel, skridt for skridt inspiration til at tage samtalen med din teenager - ikke om blomsten og bien, men om den personlige side af det store ocean, vi kalder seksualitet.


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