Intimacy Intelligence

Because the quality of our future depends on our ability to create trust, presence & genuine connection. 
In life and work. IRL and digitally.

Training & Development in the competencies of the future

Hi, I am Lucy Vittrup

Futurists believe that the top competencies of the future require agility, creativity, relational intelligence, and spirituality. All are competencies rooted in the relationship to self and to others.

If you are like the majority, then you communicate more digitally during the day, than in the real world. 2020 taught us the great value of digital communication. 

But digital communication has also proved to come with a high cost for the quality of relating. 

Misunderstandings. Poor cooperation. Loneliness. Stress. Depression.

Our future depends on our personal competencies more than ever before.

We must consciously act on this - together.

I believe we can crack the code for a more human future with the will & skill to create meaningful connections, trust, and presence. 

Professionally and privately. In the real world - and not at least: In the digital world.

I call that will & skill Intimacy Intelligence.

Learning to navigate as a human being in a digital world has never been more crucial.



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To Lucy every audience is unique and every delivery is tailored to meet their specific quests, wonders and challenges.

The one thing that never changes is Lucy's burning heart-felt passion for the urgency of her topics, her dedication to ignite and inspire,  to positively challenge and transform the audience AS she speaks...

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Intimacy Intelligence

- Professional development for coaches and therapists

A unique virtual learning format where the central nerve is the meeting between teaching, conversation & supervision.

The program gives you a dedicated mentoring program by Lucy Vittrup, who will help you develop the tools you need to help your clients develop intimacy intelligence.


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Train your Intimacy Intelligence 


A  6 - day program, that gives you easy to implement tools to the 4 core areas of Intimacy Intelligence. 

Learn to create more trust, presence and connection in all your relations.

Professional relations, private relations. In real life and in digital life. 


About Lucy Nur

M.A., University Lecturer, Motivational Speaker, Therapist. 

Lucy is an M.A. in Cultural Studies, University Lecturer, Motivational Speaker, and therapist who has unstoppably researched and taught the landscapes of sexuality & intimacy for over 25 years. She is deeply preoccupied with the interplay between technology, intimacy intelligence, and modern spirituality. A work that she has brought to i.e. Tech, TV, and media world.

Lucy is a front fighter and the embodiment of uncompromising authenticity and magnetic presence. She is humbly in service of teaching the world to understand the endless life force of human sexuality. She is a performance coach for the best in their field, for hosts and global soul-driven leaders. She is a writer with hundreds of thousands of readers. And she is an often used expert in all major Danish media.

Lucy's international upbringing with a Latin American mother and a North Jutland father has spawned an eternal curiosity and an inherent open eye on the values and norms across cultures, among individuals, in companies, and in society.


"Lucy is an unique example of "practice what you preach". She believes in truth and courage as THE basic virtues and she has an unique ability to empower the people she works with to think big and act accordingly - personally and professionally. Easy to say – hard to do – for everybody but Lucy."

Søren Schnedler, CEO & Founder of Gravity

"Lucy helped me tap into a completely new realm of energy & power that even I didn't know existed within me & what I have achieved from there, is ever so profound. Lucy has this unique ability to connect at that level and coach you from there. I have never seen this before, even though I have worked with the best leadership coaches from around the world. I believe this kind soul-driven leadership coaching to be very progressive & so right for our times. It has delivered some big breakthroughs for me & given me a method to connect to my own personal power & soul in a new way. It has given me the confidence to carry forward my work in creating the kind of impact I want to create in this world; improving the lives & livelihoods of many in my country & the surrounding South Asian region, which I believe to be my calling."

Dr. (Hon DCL) Linda Speldewinde, Founder & Chairperson, AOD Group

"The process has been amazing for me. The main reason for this is that Lucy made me look at my life holistically, helping me to look at all the elements of my life that are essential for the serenity and positive challenges that I want. I’ve got some really good tools to maintain what I’ve learned and thereby use myself myself best possible in the relationships to both my family, friends, children and job. I have previously had a coach to help me. With her unique calmness and empathy, Lucy has been able to help me far better than I've experienced so far. It has been the most professional and human proces I have ever tried."

Charlotte A. Pedersen, Commercial Business Executive & Board Member



From the blog

What is Your Digital Love Language

The pivotal skills of a digital future

What is Intimacy Intelligence - at a glance



“Everyone talks about intimacy as if it equals sex, and as if it only has to do with the relationship. Intimacy comes from the Latin intimus. That means deep down. Being intimate means daring to be with people at heart. And we must learn to dare to be with everyone if we want to survive in a world that is increasingly different from us. "

Lucy Vittrup, Radio4

“We touch our phones more than we touch each other. We send emails to the person next to us and social robots will soon become our lonely children's new best friend. Last year, nearly 5,000 people asked for a marriage certificate to make their marriage to their app boyfriend official. At the same time, people are becoming more and more ill from severe loneliness. The world is in a massive crisis of loneliness - and we need to address it. The question is not whether to be for or against technology. The question is: how do we make technology work for us, instead of against us? "

- Lucy Vittrup, In bed with technology, Podcast, Podimo

"The way we manage our sexuality is reflected in the way we manage the relationship to ourselves and each other."

- Lucy Vittrup, Femina

"We humans develop through the resistance we encounter, but in sex tech there is no resistance, no risk," says Lucy Vittrup, author, lecturer and lecturer in intimacy, sex and relationships in the digital world. “What will it do to us when we no longer meet any resistance in life's most intimate relationship? I am afraid that in general it can destroy our ability to interact with other people, "she says.

- Jens Bostrup, Politiken

"The answer is not just a cash statement that" we do not accept sexual harassment ". It's like forbidding a child to hit. That in itself is not enough. We need a sod deeper. The way we deal with our sexuality is reflected in the way we deal with ourselves, each other and the world. The answer is therefore awareness raising. Clarification of values, norms and guidelines. "

- Lucy Vittrup, LinkedIn, 2015

“We take full advantage of the sexual potential by opening our hearts when we have sex. Maybe it's just one minute, maybe it's a lifetime. We are created through every moment of our lives and no action is ever indifferent to us. No human being is without significance. "

- Lucy Vittrup, Erogi Manifesto


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