Deep Dive Coaching & Energy Management 

Empowering Female Global Leadership 


24 HOUR Deep Dive Coaching & Energy Management

24 Hour Coaching & Energy Management is a 24 hour retreat course for women in leadership roles who want re-connect to their higher purpose and learn how to handle their energy efficiently in order to be more present, make confident decisions, make their voice heard and actively use their feminine energy and have a high level impact in their life.


The course takes place in beautiful natural surroundings at a spa hotel and is a combination of classic coaching, walk-and-talk, meditation, reflection and leading edge energy management exercises.

The need to fundamentally break the code for positive change and strike a balance between inner calm and strong impact has never been greater. 22% women versus 14.9% men are stressed and 17% of the population is at risk of going down with depression, anxiety and stress. And the numbers are growing rapidly.

Many women feel that they must perform twice as much as men, that they must be so capable both professionally and in their private lives that they lose touch with their inner core.

In the eyes of the hurricane, one needs to use ones mental strength to stand firm and handle ones energy. Maintain clarity and direction while relying on one's own intuitive judgment and ability to communicate with impact.

Clarity and inner calm require knowledge, self-insight and practice. All this is our focus on this deep dive coaching course.


"Lucy made me look at my life holistically and helped me look at all the elements of my life that are essential to the serenity and positive changes I desire. I got some really game changing tools to maintain what I have learned and thereby unfold the best of me. I have used coaches to help me before. But with her unique calmness and empathy, Lucy has been able to help me far better than I have experienced before. It has been the most professional and human process I have ever tried."

Charlotte Petersen

24 hour Deep Dive Coaching Helps You:

*Re-connect to your inner core

*Connect consciously to your soul

*Get new methods to reach clarity quickly

*Learn strategies to make the right choices

*Stand by yourself as a female global leader

*Communicate confidently 

*Achieve inner peace

*Harmonise your masculine and feminine energy

*Speak your truth and message

*Clarify your direction now

You will get leading edge methods for managing your energy, building it and regulating it with leading edge methods, connecting you to feminine life force.

It's about getting methods to create wholeness, harmony along with clarity and impact in both life and leadership.

24 hour Deep Dive Coaching & Energy Management is limited to an exclusive group of 12 female leaders only.

How It Works

Once you arrive at the retreat hotel we will have a short snack and start the first session. 

The sessions will be both group work and individual reflection. 

You will have incorporated walks and swimming, and an option of massage treatment.

The Deep Dive is intense and we will continue until 10.00 p.m. ending with an 20 minute guided visualisation.

Next morning will commence with both light stretching and breath work before we commence the morning coaching session. 

I designed this program to ensure you complete the right steps in the right order so you can truly immerse yourself in the full potential of your leadership on both personal and professional level.

I am your guide and will set the frame for a transformational experience. However the content will be shaped by your main issues, challenges, aspirations.

The group is of maximum 12 female leaders, so I can support each individually during the Deep Dive.

I encourage follow up sessions after the Deep Dive.

Please contact me, if you have any further questions. 

"I experienced an amazing alliance with Lucy. She challenges, provokes, supports and guides, all along with precision and timing. Good coaching is art, I experience Lucy as a great artist. "

J. Bjerregaard

Hi, I am Lucy

M.A., Coach, Keynote Speaker, Author, Mentor

I am passionate about exploring the solutions to the Tech – [email protected] equation.

Therefore I am dedicated to facilitating global conversations about the challenges and solutions to the intimacy & loneliness crisis of digital reality – on both large international stages and at small intimate workshops and events. I hold retreats in Europe and Asia for busy digital beings wanting to re-connect to their humanness.

As a passionate speaker, author and internationally recognized educator I am committed to inspire humans to solve the intimacy & loneliness crisis through teaching connectivity & intimacy skills on both physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

My bestselling book, of “Erogy: Make Your Sexuality Your Personal Strength”, provides the basis for my global mission to help humans re-connect with themselves and others – to develop real-life intimacy intelligence before they are absorbed by digital [email protected]

A pioneer in my field, I implemented personal coaching on the largest television production companies in Denmark. I am a highly active public debater with more than 1 M  readers on a wide variety of media platforms in Denmark, where I have gotten the importance of physical touch on the agenda. For over two decades I have helped celebrities and other high performers on large live television programmes like X-Factor, to make the strongest possible impact and connect powerfully with their audience. 

I profoundly believe that global female leadership is the key to a more conscious human existence. Therefore, I am also dedicated to empower female leaders of the world to make a strong impact embracing the virtue of balancing feminine and masculine energy in a world, where the fight for democracy has never been more critical.

"Lucy is an unique example of "practice what you preach". She is the original source of the strong power of erogy – uniting sex, heart and mind. She believes in courage as THE basic virtue and she has an unique ability to empower the people she works with to think big and act accordingly - personally and professionally. Easy to say – hard to do – for everybody but Lucy. "

Søren Schnedler
CEO, Gravity

24 hour Deep Dive Coaching & Energy Management is limited to an exclusive group of 12 female leaders only.