Intimacy Training Retreat for Couples

A unique transformational 5-day retreat. Unplug from busy everyday life and indulge in intimacy and connection to yourself and your partner. Exclusively for 5 couples only in the healing nature of magical Sri Lanka.

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"Intimacy is not about sex. It is about truth, trust and connection."

Lucy Vittrup

A 5-Day Transformational Journey Made for You

Intimacy Training Retreat for Couples is designed to give you the joy of a romantic getaway with transformative teachings that strengthen your connection, re-vitalize and create a sustainable relationship. We do this by learning intimacy intelligence skills to achieve a connection to yourself and your partner on a completely new level.

The programme includes daily meditation, kundalini yoga (basic level) and mapping your intimacy language. You learn and train  the 5 keys to intimacy intelligence, a unique case proven method to create strong intimacy on the physical, emotional and spiritual level.

During the day there will be time for walks, beaching, relaxation and healing ayurvedic massages in between sessions.

You have the option of a 1-1 or couple session previously to the retreat with Lucy in order to clarify intentions for the retreat and obtain optimal individual support.

The need to fundamentally break the intimacy code for sustainable relationships and connection has never been bigger than now with the sky high numbers of divorce, experienced loneliness, disconnection and stress. 

So many experience a loss of meaning and passion - searching for the golden key to re-ignite the feeling of being vibrant and passionately alive! 

On our 5 days together you will not only get an adventurous brake from every day routine life - you also get tools to take you to new levels of connection and intimacy after holiday is over! 

"We cultivate love when we allow our most vulnerable and powerful selves to be deeply seen and known, and when we honor the spiritual connection that grows from that offering with trust, respect, kindness and affection"

- Brene Brown

"I experienced an amazing alliance with Lucy. She challenges, provokes, supports and guides, all along with precision and timing. Good coaching is art, I experience Lucy as a great artist. "

J. Bjerregaard

What is Intimacy Training for Couples Retreat?

The Intimacy Training Retreat for Couples is a 5-day deep dive to re-establish a profound intimate connection to yourself, your partner and the world on both physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

The retreat is held intimate and exclusive for only 5 couples.

Hosted by the unique boutique hotel, The Deco House, you will feel embraced by their warm welcome and spotless service, in the stunning and magical nature of Sri Lanka. The Deco House is a haven of peace and serenity withdrawn from busy coast line traffic yet only a short walk from the stunning beaches of Ahangama.

Here you will have the opportunity to focus on unplugging from busy  life and get all the elements you need to reconnect on a profound level with your entire being and your partner.

Through a combination of 

  • Intimacy Intelligence Training
  • Kundalini Yoga
  • Silence & Meditation
  • Self - reflection sessions 
  • Energy Work
  • Ayurvedic Treatments

You get a complete 5-day retreat with 'chicken soup' for your body, heart and soul. 

At the same time you will get time to rest, to recharge & to re-vitalize.

It’s all about reconnecting to a life you genuinely love!

We honor your values and who you are.  

Program Breakdown
What You'll Get...

5-Day Retreat with Lucy Vittrup 

Daily meditation, basic level kundalini yoga, energy work, intimacy intelligence exercises, self-reflection work and a choice of different ayurvedic treatments. During the day there will be time for relaxation in between retreat sessions.

Includes  a 1-1 or couple session with your retreat guide Lucy Vittrup.

Exclusively for 5 couples only. 

Traditional Sri Lankan Ayurvedic Treatments

'Ayurveda' in simple terms means "the science of life". Ayurveda represents a system of healing that has been perfected over more than five thousand years. It is famed as South Asia's ancient health care system based on herbs and diet. Ayurveda sees health and disease in holistic terms. 

On this retreat you will have a variety of ayurvedic treatment options in accordance with your needs.

Room & Meals in The Deco House 

The Deco House welcome is also known as “The pride of Ahangama” is quietly located in the village of Digaredde. A walk through the village takes you over the paddy, into the world of temples and untouched sceneries. In less than 10 minutes to the beautiful and picturesque beaches of the south.

Read more about the hotel here

Optional Personal Driver for Sightseeing 

 Planning to get the full experience of beautiful Sri Lanka and it's generous people? We can help you get a personal driver that speaks English and will take you the spots of your choice and even share some local secret places too.

Specify this request on your application for the retreat and we will find a driver to match your needs. 

How It Works

We designed this retreat to ensure you complete recharging and growth on both physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

Therefore the retreat is exclusively for 5 couples only.

We want to secure the optimal experience for you and therefore we ask that you answer a few questions upon application. 

Once you have booked the retreat you will get details and be in close contact with us up to your arrival. 

Day 1 is arrival day, with introduction to programme at 5 p.m., dinner and simple meditation session.



April 16th - 20th, 2020

Start 5 p.m. - end 6 p.m.


Fee varies depending on room category only. Price is per person in double room.

Deluxe cottage/suite: $990

Superior suite: $960

Superior room: $925

Fee includes exclusive full 5-day retreat, a 1-1or couple session with Lucy Vittrup, luxuriously decorated cottage/suite/room and bathroom, 3 meals (full board), all day fruit, coffee & tea, 2 ayurvedic treatments p.p.

Transportation to and from airport upon request.

Please note that air travel to Sri Lanka is not included. 



Intimacy Training for Couples Retreat

Exclusively for 5 couples only. Application ends by March 13th.

The Deco House

Also known as “The pride of Ahangama” is quietly located in the village of Digaredde. A walk through the village takes you over the paddy, into the world of temples and untouched sceneries. In less than 10 minutes to the beautiful and picturesque beaches of the south.

Read more about the hotel here

"Sand, so soft at your feet, a tiny shell – a treasure, to keep: the sea beckons. Breathe… deep, taste the salt spray on your lips, feel the rhythm of the waves, hear their rhyme… breathe in. Your worldly cares; gone – away with the clouds. Rest, breathe… let go."

" It was an unexpected and strong experience, also associated with a strong sense of my energy and power. My coaching sessions with Lucy have been an important step for me to really look deeper into myself and my heart. A meeting with my heart, which knows what really matters most and what has most importance for me. "

Daiva Zemuglyte
Office Clee

Hi, I am Lucy

Your Retreat Guide
Author, Educator, Speaker, Mentor 

I am dedicated to teaching the concept proven Intimacy Intelligence skills and facilitating global conversations about the challenges and solutions to the intimacy & loneliness crisis in the technological era – on both large international stages and at small events and intimate workshops.

 With an aim to help solve the tech - [email protected] equation of digital age, I hold retreats in Europe and Asia where I help busy digital beings to re-connect, be more present and practice intimacy on physical, emotional, spiritual - and technological levels.

My bestselling book, of “Erogy: Make Your Sexuality Your Personal Strength”, provides the basis for my global mission.

A pioneer in my field, I implemented personal coaching on the largest television production companies in Denmark. I am a highly active public debater with more than 1 M  readers on a wide variety of media platforms in Denmark, where I have gotten the importance of physical touch on the agenda. For over two decades I have helped celebrities and other high performers on large live television programmes like X-Factor, to make the strongest possible impact and connect powerfully with their audience. 

I profoundly believe that global female leadership is the key to a more conscious human existence. Therefore, I am also dedicated to empower female leaders of the world to make a strong impact embracing the virtue of balancing feminine and masculine energy in a world, where the fight for democracy has never been more critical.

"Lucy is an unique example of "practice what you preach". She is the original source of the strong power of erogy – connecting sex, heart and mind. She believes in courage as THE basic virtue and she has an unique ability to empower the people she works with to think big and act accordingly - personally and professionally. Easy to say – hard to do – for everybody but Lucy. "

Søren Schnedler
CEO, Gravity

This is it!
It’s YOUR time!

This is it! It’s YOUR time! There’s no better time than now.

The conditions for modern life, love and work changes so rapidly. Technology rules, digital life is defining us more than ever. 

All we have left is to securely break the intimacy code and create profound intimacy with ourselves and others, so that we can authentically connect to a meaningful life as humans in a truly digital world.

You can break the intimacy code now! I am beyond excited to pass on the methods I know work - and welcome you both as Intimacy Training Retreat attendees. 

I am here to support you every single step the way. 



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Applications end by March 13th.