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About Lucy Vittrup

Hi, I am Lucy

At 42, I worked with the leading hosts and producers of the largest television shows in the industry (e.g. X-Factor, Dancing with the Stars). I had initiated the coaching programme of the Danish national broadcasting company DR, and The Royal Danish Theatre. I travelled the world, coaching global CEOs and had my own television show. And yes, I even bathed in lovers and enjoyed a glamorous social life.

The inside story however, was that I had lost both money and a partner of my dreams. In my own view I had screwed up my parenthood, had nothing valuable to give to the world, and partying hard was my version of 'coping with life'. 

That is what a high status life can be as well: A life of despair, feeling excruciatingly lonely, feeling disorientated & disconnected from oneself  and everybody else.

Even though I had a prestigious career with dream clients and all the media coverage I could dream of - and even though I had all the education and done the self growth work - life had become unbearable.

I needed change and I needed that change to last.

Time to cut to the bone.

Nailing Intimacy Intelligence 

Doing research for one of my books I came across remarkable studies pointing to the horrifying fact, that loneliness is literally killing us. How being severely lonely is as bad for your health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. 

I learned that digital connection is a multi trillion dollar business because it profits on making us addicted to the magic drug - connection. The drug that humans rely on for  survival. 

I understood that the industries that today govern over our perception of reality have nailed exactly that essential point: Human's are desperately hungry for connection. And we just can't get enough of that.


My commitment to the world

Years of conducting workshops, studying the research, doing case studies and thousands of hours of client conversations suddenly condensed into an essential nerve.

Cut to the bone, what humanity needs is a powerful key to create trust and experience both connection & completion. That powerful key is intimacy - in a new, very broad sense. Not in a sexual sense. But as the primary key to creating truth, trust, connection. 

Mastering the skill of creating intimacy in this broad sense is what I call Intimacy Intelligence. 

Today I am committed to coach leaders, speak on conferences, online and IRL, write articles and books, host podcast & events to teach Intimacy Intelligence as the central  - and necessary - key to a human future in a digital and volatile reality. 

With the establishment of the first professional cuddling institute in Scandinavia I got the importance of non-sexual physical touch on the public agenda.

By having my own column on the largest media platform in Denmark and by becoming a leading debater on all leading media channels about the landscape of non-sexual physical touch, healthy intimacy and shame free sexuality I have reached over a million readers and listeners in my corner of the world, Scandinavia.



Get your key

You are invited to join the journey! I promise, that I will help you put an end to disorientation, (di-)stress, loneliness and instead create and sustain trust and genuine connection and completion in the most important relationships - both privately and professionally . so that you can focus on helping humanity to change for the better. The world needs you mess-free! We have the key for you. And we can't wait to share it with you.


Building Intimacy Intelligence is your key to trust and genuine connection in all pivotal relations both privately and professionally. 

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