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What is Your Digital Love Language

At a sold-out session on Techfestival in Copenhagen 100% of the 90+ attendees stood up when I asked the question:

“Stand up, if you have ever ignored someone on text message”.

E V E R Y 

S I N G L E 

P E R S O N 

in the room had done that.

A little less had been ignored themselves.

These days, one of the certain issues that always come up in conversations with my clients, students or friends is about their challenges with digital communication in their relationships. Personal, professional, romantic, parental. Any darn relationship, you can think of.

Often the people severely suffering relationships issues related to digital communication are on the dating market or in new relationships. But I also am spoken to about professional frustrations of low response or transgressive bosses or colleagues texting in the middle of the night, expecting prompt responses. In my own experience, poor digital communication skills became a root of hurtfull...

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Are you ready for virtual intimacy?


At the 16000+ attendee Techfestival in Copenhagen last week, I had the honour of speaking to a sold out session about the [email protected] equation, asking the question:

Will Artificial Intelligence lead to Artificial [email protected]? How to make technology work for us instead of against us.

We made this short video as a teaser. This is one of the most crucial questions for humans - but nobody seems to take up the conversation!

Fortunately the Danish mediapertner of the Techfestival, Politiken , did want to talk - and clearly saw the pivotal issue that we must address now. You can read the article here (in Danish):

Ready to join the conversation? Let's talk! 

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What do women really want...

What do we humans really want from a partner? According to Anthony Robbins, the super coach, women want a man who signals, and pardon the harsh language: “I will fuck you and take care of you for the rest of your life.”


Photo: François Dolmetsch

Since “Mom” and “Milf” (short for “Mothers I’d like to fuck”) are the world’s top three search keywords on porn sites – something seems to suggest that men share the same wish. They, too, want women signaling that they want to fuck and take care of.

From the point of view of a heterosexual woman, this makes perfect sense. It can be a little tiring to meet a man who obviously has nothing else on his mind than sticking something of his into something of mine. It comes across as most unintelligent, pushy, and parochial when his one signal is “I want to fuck you.” My only desire in that situation is to get the hell out of there as quickly as possible.

A man,...

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