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Connect To Your Body & Soul - Ignite The Fire Of Your Passion & Purpose

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We live in times, where we touch our phones more than we touch each other. Where we look for love in dating apps and where loneliness has been documented to be as bad for our health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.


We believe in a future lead by the heart.


We also believe that the key is to connect our body and soul so that we can make conscious choices and create more loving relationships to both ourselves and others. 

We have created a virtual temple for you to tune in on - all of - yourself and the Universe in an easily digestible and non-dogmatic way.

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  • Do you find yourself letting yourself down and being disloyal to your own values and your inner voice?    
  • Do you want to step out of the disconnected hamster wheel and live a vibrant and SoulDriven life? 
  • Do you have an inner soulful life that you just don't know how to embody more consistently in your every-day life & work?  
  • Do you know deep down, that the key to your peace and experience of love lies within yourself, but you just don't know how to access it?

Are any of those questions you? Then we can guarantee this:

You're not alone. Millions of people all over the globe, just like you, are struggling to stay connected to what they know deep within is most important.

We are Lucy Nur & Timiann Melissa

Lucy Nur Vittrup

M.A., University Lecturer, SoulDriven Leadership Coach, Bestselling Author - and initiated Dakini Moon Priestess.

I believe that the way we connect to our body, heart and soul reflects on the quality of how we connect to others - and how we live, love and lead.

In the recognition that sexual - aka - life force - energy too often is overlooked as the source to unlock a limitless human potential, I have unstoppably researched and disseminated knowledge about  the landscapes of sexuality & intimacy for over 25 years, coining the term Erogy as an transcendental energy flow state.

A work that I passionately brought to high performance coaching for TV hosts and talents, to international leaders with focus on soul driven leadership in a digital world, and lately to medical doctors learning to talk to patients about intimacy and sexuality.



I believe that learning to master being present, creating trust, and practicing staying connected to your higher self and higher purpose is fundamental for life, love and leadership today.  

In fact, I believe that genuine connection to both your heart, your body and your soul may be humanity's pivotal survival competence in a digital and volatile future.

I co-created The SoulDriven Growth App together with Timiann coming from that source. 

Timiann Melissa

Moon Priestess, Intimacy
& Embodiment Teacher

As a dedicated Moon Priestess and Dakini, I have dedicated my life to serving the influx of the divine feminine energy, liberating the sexual energy and restoring balance between the masculine and the feminine in the world.

But it was not always like this and the path has been one of many choices.

For 23 years I explored conscious sexuality and relating, as I felt it as a potential gateway to deeper spiritual openings and higher consciousness.

My calling was strong to live in full alignment, and I eventually left a community I was part of and the man I loved to follow my truth. 

As my calling grew stronger, and I surrendered to the nature of my calling, things finally started to make sense. I also understood that everything in my life had prepared me for where I am now. 


Today I am deeply connected to my past lives as a temple priestess, where I have served the collective through the inner work and the work done within the temple.

I have a deep knowing of the immense power that lies within my consciousness and my sexual energy, and I know that once again I will use that in service for the highest good of all.

This is my contribution to the awakening of humanity and the raising of consciousness on planet earth. 



Connect To Your Body & Soul - Ignite The Fire Of Your Passion & Purpose

For decades, we have served soul driven seekers to connect to their sexuality, their heart and the source of their soul. 

We have finally joined forces to create a virtual platform for everyone to join where you get digestible step-by-step guidance with deeply supportive live weekly sessions. 

Imagine waking up every day feeling vibrant, alive and connected to the people that matter.

Experiencing LOVE as an expanded energy in your body - regardless of whether you have a partner or not

Living life in loyalty to your own values & needs

Not letting yourself down

Living your purpose and having clarity of what steps to take in your every day life 

While living your normal every day life without dogmatic rules or having to change who you are

The new SoulDriven Growth App holds space for your soul & body connection in ways that include all of who you are, showing you exactly how you can start stepping out of the hamster wheel or fear of not fitting in today.

We are both honored and grateful to now share with you the knowledge, experience and the insights that have brought us here - so that you too can experience the full potential of  living, leading and contributing in loyalty to your purpose and in complete alignment with who you are.  

We have created an abundance of 'temple activities' like teachings, meditations, readings, practices, and 6 week challenges for you to follow at your own pace. AND for you to get live weekly support to succeed with when you join our community.   


The SoulDriven Growth App

Who’s The SoulDriven Growth App For?

The SoulDriven Growth App is for anyone feeling the pull for a change. Especially if you:

  • feel a calling to navigate more clearly with your heart and soul as a compass?
  • want methods to ground yourself and gain razor sharp clarity in an ever changing world?
  • want an embodied soulful life that includes fully embracing sexuality without shame
  • know there is more depth and purpose to your life and work but have not found just the right, non-dogmatic path for you yet?

If you said yes to any of the above: We deeply encourage you to join us. We genuinely know that SoulDriven Growth App is a game changer.

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What our members say:

Jannicke Lindhof Speich

Nurse & Psychotherapist

I have accomplished more than I ever dared to dream about - without making a big effort but by surrendering to it and by committing to myself. I feel so happy, calm and blessed.

Richard Pharell


A deeply cleansing experience. They gave space for anything to arise, making me feel free and protected. For those courageous souls that are wishing to dig deeper, I can’t recommend their courses enough.

Rosamai Liliet

Consultant & Designer

Finally, I have found two women that we can all be uplifted and inspired by. Lucy & Timiann's expertise is both horizon-expanding and curiosity-teasing. It always creates light and clarity within me.

Here’s What You Get With SoulDriven Growth App:

SoulDriven 6 Week Challenge

  • Feel the power of full commitment
  • Get coaching on the process either individually every day or weekly 
  • Create change fast

Get step-by-step guidance to ignite the fire of your passion & purpose in a simple, non-dogmatic way. Supported by the live weekly Q&A.

SoulDriven Tools & Teachings

  • Everything you need to start a more soul driven every day life
  • Tutorials of different lengths to fit your day
  • Chose the life theme that matters most to you

You’ll get an abundance of guided meditations, powerful energy activations, simple daily practices and teachings to deepen you body & soul connection.

SoulDriven Live Temple Tuesdays

  • Guided meditations & live energy activations
  • Every Tuesday
  • Replays for the days you cant make it

Experience the power of tuning into your self and the universe with a community of like minded people in the sacred space of The Virtual Temple.

SoulDriven Podcast & Conversations

  • Conversations with inspirational people that live, love and lead in a SoulDriven way
  • Get us to invite the people you want to listen too
  • Lean back and get inspired 

Timiann and Lucy Nur speak to people who inspire them in their way of living or working. They also share their conversations between themselves.

SoulDriven Book & Poetry Readings

  • Loud readings of poetry and literature
  • Get knowledge of specific themes that interest you
  • Get inspired by poetry for your heart and soul

We curate loud readings of poetry and literature that our community suggests and that we find valuable for you.

SoulDriven Live Q&A Process & Practice

  • Weekly coaching & feedback on the questions from the community
  • Submit your questions and get direct answers
  • Share your experience with your processes & practices and be inspired by others

Every week you can submit your questions to us directly on a specific topic related to your process and practice. We give feedback, input and coaching.

How Much Does This Cost?

Before we tell you the price we invite you to take a minute to think about your well being.

How much energy does it take from you to feel disconnected or out of alignment?

Or what is it like to wake up every morning with a tightness in your stomach thinking of yet another day in the hamster wheel?

What if we told you that you don't have to be alone on your journey! And that sharing it together with like minded people you can trust changes everything for millions of people that make a commitment to themselves?

What would that be worth for you? To REALLY feel alive, vibrant and clear on your purpose? To have a razor sharp compass within you when you need to make huge decisions, and know that you have the courage to pull through?

It is our mission to make SoulDriven as accessible to as many people on the globe as possible.

That is why we have chosen to offer this life-changing membership to you for €249 pr year only. That is 0,7 cent per day.


Because we value our first movers and want you so much with us, we are giving you an opening offer of €99 for a whole year. That is 0,3 cents per day!


An entire year of free access to an abundance of soul & body food and live support from us for just €99.

To top it off, you get (not the normal 14 day but) a full 30 day FREE trial.

In other words, no risk on you.. 

The opening offer is of course extremely time limited. But we want you to have it because we value deeply that you are here. 

We can't wait to serve you.


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Our Guarantee For Those Who Decide To Join SoulDriven Growth:

We believe 100% in our mission. That's why we offer a free trial guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply contact us and we will cancel your membership no questions asked.

Our Promise:

With SoulDriven Growth we will give you the knowledge encouragement, support, and confidence you need to fully embody a life driven from you heart and soul.

An abundance of step-by-step and non-dogmatic tools & teachings, an engaged like minded community + live mentoring  to support you on your journey. 

Join today and start your 30 day free trial.



0,9 cent pr. day

  •  6 Week SoulDriven Challenge
  • Temple Tuesday with LIVE guided meditations & energy activations
  • Teachings & Tools 
  • Souldriven Poetry & Book Readings 
  • Access to the SoulDriven Growth Community 
  • Live weekly Q&A 

and much, much more 

  • No Risk! 14 Day Free Trial. Cancel Anytime!



BEST VALUE - 0,3 cent pr. day

Normal €249 annual

  •  6 Week SoulDriven Challenge
  • Temple Tuesday with LIVE guided meditations & energy activations
  • Teachings & Tools 
  • Souldriven Poetry & Book Readings 
  • Access to the SoulDriven Growth Community 
  • Live weekly Q&A 

and much, much more 

Extra bonus for annual members:

  • 6-day Intimacy Intelligence course
  • Your digital love language pdf  

No Risk! 14 Day 30 Day Free Trial. Cancel Anytime!





  • Intensive training with daily mentoring 
  • Weekly VIP group mentoring to give you optimal support
  • 6 Week SoulDriven Challenge
  • Temple Tuesday with LIVE guided meditations & energy activations
  • Teachings & Tools 
  • Souldriven Poetry & Book Readings 
  • Access to the SoulDriven Growth Community 
  • Live weekly Q&A 



Questions About SoulDriven Growth?

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