"Lucy is here to remind us what we must never forget.

Stirring. Powerful. Important."


Lucy's talks are like no other on the globe. Her razor sharp teachings will not only awaken your audience to profound new awareness but also inspire to change and give them tools to implement in all walks of their lives in real time.


The 7 reasons to hire Lucy to speak



Lucy captivates your audience with an incomparable enthusiasm, warmth and mesmerizing delivery.



Lucy is a natural Ninja at making everyone she works with feel fantastic.



Lucy will thoroughly tailor her talk and deliver content that addresses your specific audience's challenges and interests.



No talk without walk! Lucy gives her audience concrete tools and practices on the spot to implement immediately.



Lucy's message and teaching is stirring and game changing. 



It's Lucys fundamental goal to leave her audience in a more elevated and empowered state when they go than when they came.



Lucy's teaching is the front runner of modern day thinking and scientific research within the field of human relating, purposeful working and vibrant living. 




Every audience is unique and every delivery is tailored to meet their specific quests, wonders and challenges. The one thing that never changes is Lucy's burning heart-felt passion for the urgency of the topics, her dedication to ignite!, inspire! and transform! the audience AS she speaks...

Dive in to your topic of choice and get in touch to book or learn more.

Breaking The Code To A Human Future.

How Intimacy Intelligence Is The Key.

The Future Is Spiritual & Feminine. 

What It Actually Means for You.

Understanding Digital Intimacy.

How It Works And Why It Literally Saves Lives.

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