ABOUT Lucy Vittrup

Author, sexual educator, therapist & coach

For over 20 years she has helped thousands of leaders, individuals, television hosts on major television shows like X-Factor to transform from a feeling of powerlessness to tap into their life force and talent - not only to impact sometimes millions of people - but also live joyful meaningful, powerful lives. 

Lucy is a published author and has shared her voice in her own column on the largest media platform in Denmark, has had her own television show in Colombia, and has published hundreds of articles on love & sexuality with over a million readers.

She is a Masters of Cultural Studies, Psychotherapist, Coach and has taken numerous Master Classes all over the world.

Lucy has two children of 17 and 22, that are both based in Denmark, where she also lives with her current husband Soren, her lover and companion with whom she has cried, laughed, quarreled and enjoyed life with for years. It's her intention to continue doing so on her never ending quest for diving farther into the riddles and labyrinths of romantic love and sexuality.


Lucy tells her life-story

Having lived in 7 countries and speaking 5 languages, I grew up in an international home in two very different ways of expressing love and intimacy. My mother, a high society Colombian beauty was very emotionally expressive, sensual and flirtatious. My father, a hardworking, successful businessman, from the cold north of Denmark, Scandinavia, was physically reserved. Although charismatic and talkative in social and professional contexts, he would be controlled and held back on expressing strong emotion privately.  

Being a child in this environment taught me very early that love and intimacy had many complex faces, that there were no safe havens to rest in, and that the safety of a warm embrace could flip in a second to become total humiliation.

 As a 14-year old, I had a crucial experience, that would become the cornerstone of my work for two decades later on in life.

I was shamed harshly for having had a boy visitor in my room. A boy, whom I had not even kissed. From that day on I decided, that I would never let anybody shame me unjustly on my sexuality ever again.

In the midst of the ambiguous environment, my confusion was total – and so was my curiosity. As it turned out, curiosity and the endless hunger for understanding the dynamics of people’s longings, pains, and complexity became a competence that turned out to be one of the most essential on my path to helping others.

At 22 I met a man whom I decided had all the perfect specs to be the father of my kids. I fell in love. I conquered. Got married. Got kids. Got divorced.  

At university, my focus had turned to sexuality; in literature, in art. In architecture, in dance. After University graduation, I took a therapist and coach education. Always looking at how sexuality as a life force could be used as a resource to empowerment - and after having coached 1000 + clients to embrace their sexuality as a way to step forth in life with more power and authenticity, I created overwhelming results as a high-performance coach and soon pioneered with bringing personal coaching to mayor television talent shows like X-Factor and to television anchors on TV2 and DR, the largest broadcasting companies in Denmark.

I felt successful with my career, social life, friends - but an empty feeling of excruciating unhappiness seemed to pursue me in every encounter with romantic love.

One day, a book on co-dependency landed on my table - given by a friend, that recognized the pattern. I read it in a few hours - and the day after I would find myself sitting at my first, but life changing 12-step programme meeting for co-dependency.  Soon I also became an active Vipassana meditator. All of this work turned out to be the missing link.

Knowing that it was my obligation to use my professional and personal experience to pass on what I had learned, I became a thought leader and popular media debater. After conducting case studies and developing efficient step by step methods, I became bestselling author of “Erogy - Make your sexuality your personal strength”.

My method worked. People learned to grow the power of their EROGY and shine.

After some years of coaching and massive media coverage I got my own whole-page column on the largest media platform in Denmark and had over 500.000 readers on a weekly basis. Many days my articles were the most read on the entire platform, winning over both political and sports articles. It felt and looked like success. I lived a juicy, adventurous life with many friends, lovers, high society activities with the cultural elite of my country.

One thing just kept on following me. On the personal end, I fell in and out of love. Again, and again and again. Always going through stages of high rush and devastating goodbyes.


Feeling knocked out by life affected my work. My purpose driven life suddenly came to a stall. I quit my job as a writer on the large media platform. 

“You have to love yourself before you can love others” became present - again. That very worn sentence, that all people within the self-development industry love - but that so few people actually feel tangible.

One late afternoon a spiritual teacher gave me an unexpected call. “You have to create a love-relationship to your soul, Lucy” , she said. “Only that way will you step into your light again, and help all the women that so need your help now.” 

This simple, yet extremely crucial perspective changed everything for me.

I learned and developed new methods that combined the understanding of sexuality as a life force with the love relationship to the soul.

I have created methods, that efficiently help people identify where the source of their leaking power REALLY is, and support them in their journey to rise and step into a life of freedom, happiness and feeling of power, strength and connection to what really matters. 

Today I enjoy the power of group work, collaborate with the global elite within my field. I live with my husband, Soren, the mirror of my soul. We cry and laugh, quarrel and embrace. Every day devoted to enforcing the unspoken connection of love and passion, that unites us.

It is my devoted mission to teach the methods that I have both learned and practiced for over two decades to as many people as possible in the world.

The world needs more free women to come forth and speak their truth. It also needs strong, free flowing, feminine energy to take our families, societies, countries in new, sustainable, loving directions.

I would love to help you break free of leaking power and step into the power of YOU. 


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