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Salontema: Stærkere relationer med Intimitets-Intelligens

- i en digital tidsalder

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What People Are Saying:

For me, intimacy has previously been about sex. The Intimacy Intelligence Training Course with Lucy made me see nuances that I hadn't noticed before. Intimacy is now more about a greater awareness, of closeness, of joy, and openness. Both in relation to myself and my partner, but also in relation to my family, friends, and partners. Lucy gave me a new language and method that expanded my 'toolbox' and now allows me to put words on topics that were previously a bit foggy in my consciousness. I have been given the ability to express my wishes and needs, and to meet the wishes and needs of others in an intelligent way. Not that the body is disconnected, on the contrary, but rather the brain is connected to the body. So I get a new experience and a new way of talking about intimacy so that others understand what I need - and they are enabled to say what they miss.

Signe Nielsen, Leadership Advisor and Executive Coach

Intimitetskurset er fantastisk: Konkret, tankevækkende, struktureret og passioneret! Lucy har en evne til at tale direkte til mine behov og inspirere mig til at gøre noget nyt i mine mange relationer – også selvom intimitet lyder svært. Det er det ikke! Glæder mig til at høre endnu mere og gå endnu dybere.

Tine Gaihede, CEO & Founder @EuropeanLeadership, Senior Executive Coach, MCC