3 Day Relationship Detox: 
How to Get Out of The Drama and Back Into Your Life!

It's time to:

  • Give yourself a break from the excruciating pain of being in a war zone with your partner
  • Experience joy and fun in your own company
  • Break through the barrier of feeling lonely and helpless
  • And get tools to live every day with happiness!
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Day 1: Instant Detox
Get Out of the Drama

Learn how to approach your relationship in a healthier way to communicate better and stop the cycle of drama instantly.  

Day 2: Get Happy
Reconnect to You

Learn how your love language can empower you in a surprising way to feel happiness and an even deeper connection to yourself and partner!

Day 3: Get Reprogrammed
Fully Awaken Yourself

Learn how the 5 senses can help you create a beautiful, full life of love and happiness!


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